When it comes to choosing an online lotto, one important thing to consider is what prizes are available. Some people like bigger jackpots and are not so bothered about smaller prizes, whereas others will prefer prizes to be spread more evenly over winning combinations.

Before choosing to play, it can be worth ensuring that you are able to take part and subsequently withdraw any winning. Not all lotto games have the same rules and requirements, so double checking can avoid any nasty surprises later on.

Having chosen an online lotto which suits you best, you may then be required to deposit some money in order to buy any tickets. Whilst choosing which lotto games you want to use, be sure to double check that the method which you use to deposit money is available with that particular game – this is normally quite easy to do as sites have prominently displayed logos relating to payment options.

Aside from picking an online lotto based on the pay-outs available, there are several other factors that you may wish to consider. For example, many lotteries will be linked to charities in some way. If there is a particular charity that you favour and it is linked to lotto, then you may wish to play that. It is very easy to find lotto games online that you can take part in, with most having details on their website to outline any charitable links that they may have.

It is quite possible that an existing lotto that you have played offline also has an option to play online as well. Having a look at their website may help you to decide which one to play and you may even find other games that you were not aware of. Either way, a quick search using a search engine will display many options for you to play lotto online.