For lotto players looking for a big win, there is certainly a certain amount of luck involved. Lotto games, though, are not purely games of chance, and there are some things that the average individual can do in order to improve his or her chances to win. There are several systems that exist to help players in winning at lotto games. Many of those systems will recommend one or more of the following.

The first thing to consider if you want to win more often is the game selection. There are numerous lotto games that will draw balls. Some games will draw seven balls, or numbers; others may draw five. When given the choice, choose the games that draw fewer balls. The fewer number of balls increases your odds and the likelihood of winning. Players have to match fewer numbers in order to win; this is why choosing games with fewer balls makes sense.

Other lotto games will draw numbers using a random number generator. The same principle holds true with these games. Pick the ones that draw the fewest numbers. If a game draws from a pool of 30 numbers, that game would be preferred over a game that draws from 50. While the jackpots are normally higher with games that use more numbers, the likelihood of winning is greater in games that use fewer.